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“Increase, Multiplied Increase” Prophesied For 2017!

God said a Kingdom Transformation was upon us. Here is the 2017 Prophecy that confirms all the good things God has in store for His People. They don’t have to wait for the New Year, this increase is available now!

“2017 will be The Year Of Magnificent Acceleration For the Body Of Christ, rapid increases on every side for those who obey Me,” says God. “I will increase My People More and More, both them and their children; with More Wealth, Health, Supernatural Provision on all fronts. All Grace will abound towards them in All Things, for Every Good Work I have ordained for their lives.”

“Increase, multiplied increase will be upon All who are called by My Name; Increased Faith to do the impossible; Increased Power to subdue every enemy; Increased Revelation In My Wisdom to triumph on every side. This is My Glory revealed through My People. This is the fullness of Me, The Blessing that produces Accelerated Increase; that will dominate the nations and the earth; a full demonstration before all mankind – My Royal Dynasty Restored in the earth!The fullness of My Kingdom to Multiply, Subdue and Replenish this earth back to My Kingdom Standard – a Place of Holiness- a Place of Excellence that has not been seen since the time of Adam.”

“You are the Chosen Generation to bring it forth in this, My Time and My Season on earth. Oh, what a joyous time it shall be! As I Restore My People to the Place of Their Earthly Inheritance; to Their Places as My Beloved Sons In Whom I Am Well Pleased. I, the Lord Your God have purposed this Great Day since before the foundation of the world. It shall be as I have spoken. Now and Forever Amen.”

“My Kingdom Has Come! The Transformation Has Begun,” says Almighty God.

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Transformation Has Begun, So Has The Resistance

When the Lord told us the Special Fall Issue would be entitled “Kingdom Transformation 2016,” it was to make a contrast between Election 2016, and what was going on in God’s Kingdom. The Spirit of God has been moving with such power across the earth, that it is causing a shift around the globe. The winds of change are moving the people into position to receive the goodness of God on mass.

God said that there would be resistance to change in America. We’ve witnessed those who are satisfied with the “status quo,” even though masses of people are crying out to God. Change has come, because God is answering those prayers. God declared in our very first issue of Grace For Living Magazine (Spring/Summer 2015), that there was a NEW BREED Of Leadership coming to America, both in the church and in government. These leaders are quite unorthodox according to the status quo, but they are about to do wonders in America and around the world. God has chosen them because they  care more about taking care of the people of the world, than they are about personal status or position. They just want to make the world a better place . . . and aren’t we glad. This has always been God’s heart for the nations of the world; “self-less leaders of integrity, who have a commitment to serve the people.”