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The Fall 2017 Issue Of Grace For Living Magazine Is Now Online!

Heaven Has Invaded Earth! God Cannot Be Stopped.

For the Believer, “It’s all about talking and standing in faith while God slays the enemy and rewards His People! It’s God’s Day of Favor!”

“It’s All About The Prophecies. They are all coming to pass now!” says God.

  1. “Wealth is Transferring Now!” God is restoring all things (including people, possessions and money) back into His Kingdom!
  2. “Power and Wealth is coming to God’s People!” Sons of God Are Arising In The Earth To Demonstrate The Power Of The Kingdom! These are the superheroes of our day!
  3. “God Has Declared A Jubilee!” All debts are canceled. Whatever was stolen must be returned, God says so!
  4. “It’s God’s Money And He Want It ALL Back!”

Read this and more in the Fall 2017 Issue of Grace For Living Magazine